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Why aren't we taking a closer look at the RESTORATION OF CERAMIC TILE.  Most any facility has much more Ceramic Tile than it has natural stone.  Most washrooms are ceramic where only lobbies, foyers or kitchens have natural stone.  The process to restore is very much like natural stone with the same equipment.  Just different chemicals and techniques.  Order now from our FLOOR PRODUCTS Catagory and go to CONTACT US page and we'll e-mail you the techniques.  Learn now!  You can charge up to $10.00/sq. ft.

Latest News

  1. The Great Wallenda of Stone Polishing!!

    One of the great attributes of the 

    Hawk  BRUTE 180 is that it runs smooth. 

    Smoother than any machine I’ve ever used.

    That’s a 17” in. machine polishing 

    a 20 in. wide Onyx bartop. 

    Would you do this with ANY  other machine?

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